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Print Size

We can print in a width of 1,37 meters, for normal stickers, we have custom cut’ed vinyl, that we cut out for A3 or A4 sheets, for easier shipment, lower cost by using normal envelope size. If we need to send posters or banners, we use carton pipes.

Use Vector

For the best result, and easier, faster work for us, then please use vector graphic files, the file format accepted is pdf, cdr and eps. Of curse other files will also be accepted and hopefully will it be possible for us to get the vector out easily If they are any fonts’s in the file, […]

Ultimaker 3D printer


We have just invested in a new Ultimaker 2, this will give us a great advantage, when we make some design for our customer. Now they will get a possibility to also see the part in real life before making some expensive parts on cnc-machines and will make it possible to find mistakes, from the […]